Meet the friendliest alpacas you can dream up.

Kathleen Callan

Imagine walking among them and feeding them by hand and learning what an alpaca is while watching them graze on our 78 acre ranch. We have big ones, little ones, and most of the 22 recognized alpaca colors. Simply being with alpacas is amazingly stress relieving. Their natural gentleness and curiosity is endearing. There is an alpaca for everyone and they are very therapeutic. Carmel Sundae has even tried to get into guests’ cars. She’s not for sale, but some of our alpacas are. We are happy to teach and mentor people who buy our alpacas. We offer complimentary classes in alpaca handling and care for purchasers.



Our alpaca have some of the softest fleece in US

Kathleen Callan

If awards and ribbons from prestigious shows mean anything, our alpacas have some of the softest fleece in the country and you can buy it, take it home to knit, crochet, felt, spin, or just touch whenever you want a little rush of enjoyment from the memory of your visit. Suris are a very special kind of alpaca once worn exclusively by Incan kings. It is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. You might choose to buy items from our shop and wrap yourself in a soft, luxury product that will last for years. Alpaca wicks moisture away from the body and some items can be just as comfortable on the hottest or coldest day. Many of our items are made locally (some right on the ranch) or in the United States. All imports are Fair Trade.



Things to do at our ranch

Kathleen Callan

Crafters can learn how to make things—from felted soaps and scarves to yards of fabric, ornaments, hats and rugs. Make an appointment to add yourself to whatever we have in progress. Do you want to learn how to make yarn or roving from raw fleece? Would you like to needle felt a doll or make a scarf? We can show you how. A number of times during the year we host special events from family and school reunions to shearing to marriage proposals. If you need an unusual location for your event, we have it right here. Small groups can come to make things on our FeltLoom, school classes and charitable groups find fun in Zena. And of course, there is our free tour which has drawn local visitors, visitors from across the country, and from around the world. Simply being with alpacas is amazingly stress relieving.



We founded Zena Suri Alpacas in 2008

Tom and Kathleen Callan met and married in Washington, D.C. where both were broadcast journalists. They founded Zena Suri Alpacas in 2008, while living in Utah, and learned how to care for their animals. Tom was an anchor/reporter and spot-news specialist and is now a professor at NEO A&M, teaching American Government, a distance swimmer who manages about 250 miles per year. Kathleen, in her previous life, interviewed kings and presidents, lawmakers, the Summit of Industrial Nations and such, plus reported on plane crashes, demonstrations, and international events. Now she devotes her time to alpaca babies and the ranch. Alpacas are much quieter. Their son Tommy escaped and lives and works in Chicago.

Kathleen Callan

Chief alpaca handler, the first person you see at the ranch. She handles sales of alpacas and their products and is constantly working on their fleece and marketing.

Tom Callan

Oddly enough, is also a co-owner, and a ranch hand. He finds cleaning barns relaxing after teaching a full day. He does a nightly head count to make certain everyone is in and healthy.


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